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Bak-Ay Textile

The founding partners of our Company made their debut in the textile market in 1984 as wholesale dealers. Specialized in the trade of woven and knitted fabrics , the company undertook the marketing of prominent producers in the sector. Having obtained a substantial market share in around 10 years, the company decided to extend its profile to cover manufacturing besides its marketing operations. Across this decision, the company started its jacquard warp knitting and weaving operations at its Çorlu-Velimeşe plant under the trade name Bak-Ay Textile Company. With its annual capacity of 77,000,000 meters, the company greatly serves to the home textiles and garment industry. The company is ranked among the leaders in its industry with its yarn and knitting lace parameters developed. The company expanded its production background since 1994 with a dye and finishing investment in 2008, culminating in a great depth of know-how in design, pattern, yarn, dyeing, finishing, weaving and warp knitting. In January 2014, the company has further expanded its current production line with a new denim yarn dye plant


Our company has been serving an area of 16496 square meters with staff of 300 people. It has become a leading representative of the innovative and high quality products in home textiles and clothing sector as a result of the operations on warp knitting, weaving, dyeing-finishing, denim plants. We have a monthly production capacity of 350.000 m and an annual production capacity of 4.200.000 m with our 49 jacquard warp knitting machines in the knitting facilities. We have an annual production capacity of 3.500.000 m with our 78 weaving machines in our weaving plants. There are 12 High Temperature Dyeing Machines, 5 beam dyeing machines, 3 stenters in our dyeing and finishing plants. In addition, there are crush machine, ironing, raising, kier-decatizing machine, calender, washing, coating, transfer printing machines in order to increase the added value of the product obtained and to implement different processes. A structure was established for the increase in production capacity with an annual capacity of about 10 million . Also our plant has the montly dyeing capacity of 200 tons, 800.000 m / month. The production steps in the existing plant are followed through the system and monitoring of parameters that are controlled before and after production , and followed in standards-compliant physics laboratories and chemistry laboratories.


Our denim plant began its operations on January, 2014 and has a montly yarn dyeing capacity of 30 tons. We believe that we will bring a new breath to the denim fabrics constituting 60% of the world textile market with the fabrics we produce by evaluating the yarns produced here in the weaving and knitting plants. Polyester, polyester cotton, viscose, nylon, nylon lcyra and linen mix fancy fabrics are produced. It is certified that our products are not harmful to the environment and human health with Eco Tex100 by German Hohenstein Institute. We export so many countries such as the USA, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and England with the products we produce in home textiles and fashion we serve large wholesalers in the domestic market. We serve well known companies such as ZARA, H&M, Marks&Spencer, Ann Taylorand BCBG without compromising the principles of quality and fast service thanks to the different products we have developed in clothing industry. With its strong financial structure, dynamics, the experienced staff and a rich product diversity. We continue our production and investment activities without compromising the principles of environmental awareness, quality, customer focus.

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